the Northumberland Strait

You’re lucky if you get one week of vacation with your bike.

Why would you choose to spend it with Nonesuch Tours?


Weather: Summer highs in Nova Scotia tend to be in the 70s with minimal humidity (Nova Scotians will consider it "humid," and to them it is...but most of them have never been in Chicago or Atlanta or DC in July).

Proximity: Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ) is a half-day’s journey from most of the East Coast and Midwest of the U.S.

Time: Our week-long tours leave you 51 full weeks for everything else in your life (and allows you to miss only 5 days of work!).

Versatility: Ride gravel or pavement. Ride longer or shorter. Ride alone or with others. It’s not “one size fits all” bike touring here.

Size of the group: Our groups range from 8-16 clients--small enough to avoid chaos, but large enough to allow you to get to know some folks along the way. 

Experience and local knowledge: I’ve worked 20+ bike tours abroad, and I have an entire clan of Nova Scotian in-laws on speed-dial.